Core Values

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1.      Uncompromised Word of God: We value anointed Biblical teaching and preaching and believe it will transform lives.

2.      Worship and Prayer: We believe God has called the church to be a family that worships and that hears and obeys His voice. He has called us to an intimate relationship with Him and to intercede for those things that are on His heart.


3.      Experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit: We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring change in the life of the believer, and we welcome the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our services. This includes healing for the sick, deliverance, and signs and wonders.

4.      Relationships: We believe loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life, and be extended to the whole body of Christ and community: encouragement, acceptance, respect, service, forgiveness, grace, honesty, integrity, justice, and reconciliation.

5.      Evangelism and Missions: Lost people matter to God, so they matter to us as a church as well; this includes reaching the unreached in our community through various forms of evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, and mercy ministry. We believe in sending out and financially supporting those whom God has called to disciple the nations.

6.      Discipleship: We are called to disciple believers so they in turn are able to disciple others.

7.      Christian World view: We believe in equipping the church to have a Biblical world view in each of the 7 spheres of society. Everything done in obedience to God is spiritual. We seek to honor God with all that we do, equipping and mobilizing men and women of God to take roles of service and influence in every area of society.

8.      Endorsing Men and Women in Ministry: God calls men, women, youth and children into ministry and gives them opportunities to use their God-given gifts and callings in the church and abroad.

9.      Creativity & Innovation: We believe in doing new things in new ways as the Spirit of God leads – we must remain culturally relevant yet remain doctrinally pure.

10.  Faithful Stewardship: We believe that all our resources are entrusted to us by God and must be utilized with integrity and wisdom.